Top Fitness Trend: High-intensity Interval Training

California schools’ fitness tests: About one-third of students met the goals

Functional fitness. This is closely related to special fitness programs for older adults. The goal of this trend is to use strength training to improve balance, coordination, endurance and people’s ability to perform activities of daily living such as carrying the groceries, reaching for things, getting in and out of chairs and the car, and going up and down the stairs, Thompson says. “These exercises imitate activities of daily living.” Group personal training. Personal trainers who work with two or four people can offer deep discounts to each member of the group.
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Fitness Retreat Vacations: 7 Destinations

The ropes course at Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa

October 26, 2013 0 Do you know how many steps you’ve taken today or how well you slept last night? If you’ve jumped on board the fitness tracker trend, the answer is probably right on your wrist. There’s something about tracking your fitness stats and knowing just how many calories you’ve burned that is both motivating and interesting. Once you’ve slipped a tracker on your wrist or clipped it to your pocket, it’s easy to become a fan. When I tested out the Jawbone UP earlier this year, I found myself checking the app several times a day to see how I was faring, which encouraged me to walk a little more if I wasn’t on track to beat my step goal.
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Hot fitness trends for 2014

Photograph by Jenny Hueston for Bloomberg BusinessweekThe sunny dining area at Malibus Ranch at Live Oak 3/ Eat better in Malibu The Ranch at Live Oak, which runs weeklong programs in Malibu, just launched a shortened four-day experience at the Four Seasons Westlake Village with busy executives in mind. Each day combines 8to 10hours of rigorous but low-impact exercise, starting with a four-hour morning hike through Solstice Canyon and then back-to-back classes focused on core work, toning and sculpting, and flexibility. A daily deep-tissue massage keeps things from getting too intense. Squeeze in diagnostic exams such as the VO2 Metabolic test, offered in partnership with the California Health & Longevity Institute; a cooking demo on preparing vinaigrettes and smoothies; and hypnotherapy, dermatology, and acupuncture services, all for an extra fee.
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Do You Use a Fitness Tracker?

“We’re trying to take more of a holistic approach,” he said. “It’s not something we take lightly.” Students at Foothill Middle School in Walnut Creek scored about the same as seventh-graders throughout the state, with about 32 percent meeting all six fitness goals. PE teacher Mark Hayes said the school encourages students to be active, but it’s more difficult now than it used to be with competition from TV, computers and social media, which prompt students to sit around instead of going outside. “We talk about the importance of increasing their heart rates to stay in better shape,” he said. “Your body is like a car. If you don’t take care of it, it will break down.
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In Weight-loss Surgery, Skill Matters. A Lot.

Obese adults should get counseling, federal task force says

2.7%). The video attached to the study, and available here , is not for the squeamish. But it shows in exquisite detail that the most-skilled surgeons handled tissue gently, thereby reducing injury to delicate internal structures. They kept their objective in plain sight — a difficult thing to do when the organs you’re working on are slippery and surrounded by a greater deal of Garcinia Cambogia Extract fat. They cut and stitched smoothly and precisely, and they moved from phase to phase of the operation without delays. In short, they followed the age-old adage taught to surgical residents since the dawn of modern surgery, at the end of the 19th century: “cut well, sew well, do well.” The study recruited 20 surgeons — from 63 of the surgeons performing laparoscopic gastric bypass in the state of Michigan — to submit video of a single such operation.
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Why Weight-loss Apps Are a Waste of Money

But I tend to blank on more complicated exercises that I’ve done a million times and can’t pull them out of my brain’s vault to actually do them at the gym. Then I feel like I didn’t have a “real” workout because I didn’t go in with a plan. No matter how many years of workouts I have under my belt, my brain lacks the part that commits exercises to memory. I need to have a list in front of me, or a trainer pushing me-something to keep me on track. And because I don’t have a lot of spare time in my day to plan workouts-I can barely make it to the gym to actually do the workout-my saving workout grace lately has been workout apps. Related: 10 hot yoga secrets they don’t tell you Apps are my new personal trainer, and they make it easy to go to the gym with a plan so you don’t wander around aimlessly. Besides being helpful with my workout amnesia, one of the best things about a good fitness app?
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Group Programs for Weight Loss May Work Best

Louis, because most evidence has found that education by registered dietitians or behavior therapists enhances understanding of weight loss and boosts adherence. “The study does demonstrate that regular involvement in weight-loss classes helps with weight loss,” she said. “This point should be considered when people think about weight loss — doing it alone may not yield success.” Weight Watchers costs about $10 a week, Pinto said. “The cost of professionally led programs available to the public varies, but ranges from approximately $10 a week to $35 a week or more,” Pinto said.
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Paula Patton, Anna Paquin And More In This Week’s Best And Worst Beauty (photos)

paula patton

Her limp locks and washed-out face made for one depressing beauty look. WORST: Toni Collette The “Hostages” actress’ super heavy bangs are practically hiding her gilded eyelids. While Collette’s hair color is spot-on, her fringe could desperately use a trim. WORST: Jessica Stroup We don’t believe that you have to wear makeup to look beautiful. However, this “90210” starlet must have made a last-minute decision to apply a ghostly brown eyeshadow that does her no favors.
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Beauty products that do good: Buy these and support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Bumble & Bumbles Spray du Mode Hairspray ($27) looks good year-round, but the haute hair brand only donates $5 per purchase to the BCRF during October, so stock up now. 6. Buy Vapour Organic Beautys Elixir lip gloss ($22) in its universally flattering Honor shade and youll be supporting the Cleveland Clinic, which is researching to find the first-ever breast cancer vaccine. 7.
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ULTA Beauty Cut-A-Thon In Support Of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®

One hundred percent of the donations benefit BCRF. In 2012, ULTA Beauty stylists performed more than 23,000 haircuts during the Cut-A-Thon and they are aiming to beat that record this year. Visit THE SALON at ULTA Beauty to receive one of this fall’s standout haircuts: “Invisible Layers” Haircut The stylist at the salons at ULTA Beauty have a secret to adding volume to long hair without cutting lots of visible layers. With special cutting techniques, layers are added to the haircut to provide hidden movement. Hair is left long enough to style in an updo but it has added volume when worn long. This cut works best for shoulder length hair and longer. “Convertible Color” Haircut Have highlighting that you want to show off? The convertible color haircut is worn short at the nape, and longer on top, allowing for a middle or side part, or a slick look with hair worn straight back with the help of some hair gel. Each style change shows off different highlights the perfect cut for those who like short hair but want the versatility to change their look. “Shattered” Haircut The epitome of textured movement, the shattered haircut is a dramatic combination of layers that creates a sexy, tousled look. The disconnected layers in this cut can work on any length of hair to produce an of-the-moment messy, yet stylish, appearance. All haircuts at THE SALON at ULTA Beauty are styled with Redken and CHI professional products.
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